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Testing Made Simple: Experience the Most User-Friendly Timing System Ever

Understand your athletes better with standard and customized kinesiology tests!

Enhance speed, agility & quickness
Diagnose focus & mental toughnes
Try Neurocognitive testing
Measure sports specific abilities
Perform Try-outs
Make competitions
Boost Self-confidence

Test physical &
cognitive abilities

Measure your custom tests

> Customize your own performance tests

> Create a database relevant to you

Save your  time on the field

> Set up timing gates in just a few minutes

> Painlessly align gates up to 5 meters with stability and precision

Get data of your complete team

> Perform diagnostics for your individual clients


> Conduct assessments for your entire team or club

Have instant results

> View leaders and their fastest, slowest, and average times

> Instantly compare results with all athletes in the cycle

Make live changes during tests

> Change the order of your athletes

> Add or remove an athlete from the testing session

Track time for each gate

> View results for each station in the cycle

> Instantly compare results from gate to gate

Compare data and share results

> Analyze results throughout the entire season on a personal and team level

> Share your workouts and data with other coaches, athletes, and parents

Make your athletes compete with a Leaderboard

Build your own database

> Export data with .csv and .xls reports

> Incorporate Sportreact results with your pre-created databases

sportreact reaction lights timing gates system

Boost your diagnostics with the most advanced reactive agility system


Without VAT

Reaction system + Timing system

We will get back to you!

Want to try it on your own? Let's Talk!

​Track progress with standard sprint, change of direction, and reactive agility templates

10-20-30 Sprint
Y Agility Test
Illinois Agility Test
L Agility Test
5-10-5 Test
Stop'n'Go Reactive Agility Test
+ many more
sportreact y reactive agility test system
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