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sportreact reaction agility training system

We make athletes move faster, be more agile, and get bad-ass confidence!

Milliseconds Matter!

We are making an ultimate sports tool TO PERFORM BETTER. Sportreact is for ambitious & data-driven powered characters, go-getters who value competitive spirit, athlete mindset & sports community, putting that extra love for high-tech, user-friendly, durable, and precise workout.

reaction training system

Our values chart

The final 1%

The 99% of great sports results come from spilling blood, sweat, and tears out there. THE FINAL 1% comes from our technology! We bring motivation, excitement, and confidence with innovative training methods, data & statistics, progress tracking, and gamified fun.

sportreact reaction system lights

Not for the greatest

But for those who want to become the greatest! We offer sports-tech solutions to semi-pro and professional athletes across various sports, catering to both individual and academy level training.

sportreact system

CEO & Co-founder

Anto Širić

sportreact anto širić


Ivan Josipović

sportreact ivan josipović

Full-stack Developer

Rafael Špiljak

Croatians take

sports seriously

Production Team Lead

Ante Medić

sportreact ante medić

Senior Embedded Developer

Dajgoro Labinac

sportreact dajgoro labinac

Board Member

Srđan Lončar

sportreact srđan lončar

Full-stack Developer

Tomislav Grdenić

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