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Enhanced speed, agility & quickness
Reduced injury risk
Improved focus & mental toughness
Better under-pressure performance
Enhanced coordination & body control
Improved sports specific abilities
Faster workout recovery
More interactive & fun training



sportreact y reactive agility test system
sportreact y reactive agility test system

Diagnostics & testing

Use standard kinesiology tests

Get an in-depth evaluation of athletic performance using Change of Direction, Sprints, Reactive agility, and Neurocognition tests. Implement gold standard tests such as the T-Test, 10-20-30 meters sprint, Y test, Complex Recognition drills, and many more.

sportreact sprint test timing gates system
sportreact sprint test timing gates system

Set up tests easier then ever

Save time using the same devices for reaction and timing system, or connect them into COMBO mode. Use various accessories for training and tripods to set up timing gates, tracking info with all-in-one app.

sportreact agility testing timing gate system
sportreact agility testing timing gate system

Test the whole team seamlessly

Evaluate group performance on a large scale and save results on individual athlete profiles for future analysis and training planning. Gain valuable insights through bulk testing.

sportreact reaction neurocognitive lights system
sportreact reaction neurocognitive lights system

Neurocognitive & agility training

Train reactions paths

Enhance neurocognition through a variety of workout mods, such as following a single sign or color, making decisions based on various combinations, or designing complex reactive light training by selecting the device and timing for each signal.

sportreact reaction neurocognitive lights system
sportreact reaction neurocognitive lights system

Adjust every workout stimuli

Reactive light training involves more than just color-coded pods. Make specific scenarios implementing numbers, letters, or symbols, incorporate deactivation via hit or distance sensors, adopting it into your existing plan.

Combine reaction lights & timing gates together

sportreact reaction neurocognitive lights system


Train the brain to react quickly to the corresponding stimulus, eg. follow green letter A

sportreact timing gates system


Improve the ability to change position and/or direction with speed and accuracy, eg. using agility T test

sportreact reactive agility testing


Perform a change of direction drill running & reacting to an external stimulus in unplanned situations, eg. making a decision in Y test

sportreact reactive agility stop n go timing gates system

Data-based progress

Get instant workout results

Gain accurate insights of how focused your atheltes are, are they over-trained, and how their CNS activation looks like. Monitor average reaction time, timing of tests and drills, fastest and slowest times, number of successful deactivations, and other relevant information.

sportreact app

Compare individual & team results

Track your athletes' progress over time in areas such as focus, speed, coordination, balance, endurance and more. Compare results among athletes and across teams.

sportreact sprint test timing gates system

Make important decisions

Utilize collected data to develop new training plans, improve specific skills or tactics, establish recovery programs, make player and team decisions, share performance information with athletes, coaches, parents and other stakeholders, and much more.

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20-minute full product online demo walkthrough and Q&A

Visit us in SoCal: Marnik Athletic Performance, 20952 Itasca St, Chatsworth

Or arrange a demos in your SoCal gym

Choose between

  • Yeah! Sportreact measures split times using a laser beam sensor when you place pods in alignment with each other. This allows for precise measurements of sprints, acceleration, and change of direction tests. For a comprehensive look at our gate features, please visit

  • You can conduct a wide range of standard tests commonly used in NFL, NBA, or MLS evaluations, such as the 10-20-30-40 yard dash, Y Agility Test, Illinois Agility Test, L Pro Agility Test, 5-10-5 Test, Stop'n'Go Reactive Agility Test, and The 30 - 15 IFT, among many others.

  • Certainly, you can elevate those through a range of workout modes. These include tracking numbers, letters, symbols, or colours, making decisions based on multiple combinations, or crafting intricate reactive light training by customising the device and timing for each signal and pod. 

  • Indeed, Sportreact stands alone as the sole system in the market that seamlessly integrates timing gates with reaction lights, facilitating the creation of exceedingly precise reactive agility tests. You can effortlessly opt for one of our pre-created reaction agility drills or craft your own within the RAGS section of the app. This allows you to design diverse polygons with dedicated symbols on each pod, presenting external stimuli, while simultaneously utilising timing gates to track time.

  • Certainly, you can compare the results of chosen athletes over a specified time frame or evaluate multiple athletes using the same drills. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of progress trends, individual versus group distinctions, or team-to-team outcomes.

  • Certainly, you can export data in .csv and .xlsx formats, and we're working on enabling PDF format exports in the near future. Also,  you can create profiles for your athletes and share specific workouts and results with them. Athletes can claim their accounts to monitor their data and independently perform these workouts remotely.

  • We offer a one-year warranty, allowing for device replacement in case of any issues. Additionally, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee upon purchase. You can see more at

  • The Sportreact Starter Kit is currently in stock and available for purchase. For more details, please visit To buy the Sportreact system, simply follow the instructions on the product page and proceed to checkout. We utilize Stripe to provide a seamless payment experience, and you can also use Buy Now Pay Later option with Klarna and Affirm.

  • We can provide demonstrations both online and offline. To schedule a demo session, please reach out to us here or simply contact us on chat.


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