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Enhance speed, agility & quickness
Diagnose focus & mental toughness
Perform Neurocognitive training
Measure soccer specific abilities
Perform Try-outs
Make competitions
Boost Self-confidence

Train physical &
cognitive abilities

Track Progress with Soccer

Tests & Drills

40-Yard Dash
Pro Agility Drill
Illinois Agility Test
Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test
Quick Feet Shuffle
Reactive Training Drills
+ many more

Elevate Your Training Routines with Personalized Drills

Soccer 2.0: Elevate Your Game with Next-Gen Reactive Agility System

Test athletes, build training plans, and manage winning teams like your competition can't

01 Scanning

02 Dribbling

03 Passing

Test your athletes with standard & customized kinesiology tests!

04 Goalkeeping

05 Reactivity

06 Creativity

Boost performances with

three ultra-precise sensors

Hit hard with vibrations

> Utilize 10 levels of vibration sensitivity

> Hit pods with foot or ball as hard as needed

Change of Direction

Sprints & Acceleration

Reactive Agility Tests

Keep it on the distance

> Utilize a 1-yard proximity sensor

> Catch the ball as fast as you want

Manage teams, athletes, & coaches

01 See individual & team results

02 Arrange teams for training & tests

03 Share & exports results

04 Connect with athlete management system

Have instant results

> View leaders and their fastest, slowest, and average times

> Instantly compare results with all athletes in the cycle

Track time for each gate

> View results for each station in the cycle

> Instantly compare results from gate to gate

Compare data and share results

> Analyze results throughout the entire season on a personal and team level

> Share your workouts and data with other coaches, athletes, and parents

Build your own database

> Export data with .csv and .xls reports

> Incorporate Sportreact results with your pre-created databases

sportreact reaction lights timing gates system

Boost your soccer with the most advanced reactive agility system


Without VAT

Reaction system + Timing system

We will get back to you!

Want to try it on your own? Let's Talk!

Run fast with laser beam

> Utilize a 3-yard laser beam sensor

> Run across the entire soccer pitch

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