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Mongoose software update presents:

The First System EVER Capable of Executing Full Reactive Agility Drills

04 Tennis Templates

Elevate tennis abilities w/ movement exercises

> Select from 17 new tennis templates for sagittal, frontal, and transverse plane movements

> Personalize exercises and utilize similar movement drills in various sports and verticals

sportreact tennis reaction neurocognitive system lights
sportreact app tennis templates reaction agility exercises

01 RAGS mode

Change direction based on external reaction lights

> Create complex polygon drills by combining timing gates & reaction lights in any desired order

> Improve cognition for better performance, reduced injury risk, and increased confidence

sportreact reactive agility system

03 Live Results Update

Get instant lead board and arrange live workouts

> Get real-time position order during exercise and immediately compare the results

> Organize athletes into cycles according to on-field scenarios without interrupting the round

sportreact timing system gates
sportreact app testing agility leaderboard

02 Team & Athletes Overview

Segment your athletes
in teams & clubs

> Form multiple teams and allocate athletes and coaches to each group

> Analyse the results and obtain valuable insights for each team individually or across teams

sportreact timing system gates
sportreact app athlete management system

Additional updates

05 Leaderboard

Build competitive spirit and show live leaderboard

> Arrange try-outs and combine-style contests with a real-time scoreboard for multiple displays

> Upgrade your gyms and facilities by incorporating distinctive games and activities

*contact us for custom implementation

sportreaction combine draft lead board system
sportreact app leaderboard timing testing try outs

We will get back to you!

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Step 1:
Open the App Store on your iOS or Android device.
Type "Sportreact" in the search bar and select the app from the search results.
If an update is available, click on the "Update" button.

Alternatively, if you have already installed the app, you can click on the update notification that appears on your device.

Step 2:
Wait for the installation process to finish.
Once the update is complete, open the Sportreact app.
Go to the firmware update

How to update software?

How to update firmware?

Step 1:
Go to the Settings on your device.
Select Devices and then choose Update.

Click on the Check for updates button, ensuring that you are connected to the complete set of Sportreact devices.

Step 2:
If an update is available, follow all the necessary steps that the app shows.

Wait for the update process to complete.

You will receive a confirmation that the update was successful.


Now you can enjoy the new Mongoose features.


Additionally, you can watch the video for more detailed information.

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