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sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights
sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights

Boost your progress with the unique combo of reaction lights & timing gates.


Power Plate & Sportreact presents:

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Visual perception & scanning

Change of direction


Sprints & acceleration 

Reactive agility

CNS & body activation

Sports rehabilitation



To enhance the performance of athletes, Power Plate has always been the go-to choice. Now, with Sportreact's reaction lights and timing gates, we are fusing vibration tech with reaction & agility training like never before!


​Get 10% off Sportreact starter kit. Deliveries starting January 2024

10% OFF Promo code: POWERPLATE10

Testing templates

Perform NBA, NFL, & MLS tests

Test and benchmark your abilities with the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuffle, 3-cone drill, and other standard combine and tryout templates.

sportreact timing gates system
sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights

Neurocognitive & agility training

Create your own exercises

Customize personalized drills for speed, agility, quickness, hand-eye coordination, focus, and more

sportreact reaction lights system
sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights

Data-based progress

In-depth data to help in your draft process

Track & share results with schools and coaches, develop training plans, improve athletic skills, and move into the big leagues.



sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights

Timing gates

Place two pods in front of each other to track time for speed and agility drills.

sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights

Reaction lights

Boost your decision making with deep complex neurocognition exercises

sportreact reactive agility timing gates & reaction lights

Reactive agility system

Engage in polygon exercises and on-field scenarios to enhance performance under pressure.

Compare yourself with peers and pros

Share results with coaches, clubs, and schools

Use 3 sensors:

> tap & hit

> a yard distance 

> laser beam

Easy on-field setup with onboarding tutorials

Train advanced cognition with 100+ signs & detailed config.


Discover How Our Cali Users Practice Reactive Agility With Their Athletes

Here at NexGen, we use timing tech as the primary and valid way to track the progress. No more stopwatches and "athlete maybe progress". The old methods of timing are over!

I love placing athletes in chaotic environments, making it a great way to test athletes' movement strategies and decisions. The best way to do this is by using reactive agility system.

Nikola Marojevic

Marnik Performance Training

The versatility of Sportreact is amazing, encompassing everything from the 40-yard dash and NFL Combine preparation to practicing reactive agility movements. This system has it all.

Darelle Noel

Master of Faster Speed School


​Get 10% off Sportreact starter kit. Deliveries starting January 2024

10% OFF Promo code: POWERPLATE10

We will get back to you!


Sign up for 20-minute full product online demo walkthrough and Q&A

Visit us in LA: Marnik Athletic Performance, 20952 Itasca St, Chatsworth

Or contact us with a question

Choose between

  • Timing gates are electronic devices used in sports and athletic training to precisely measure the time it takes for athletes to complete a specific course or distance. They play a crucial role in tracking and improving an athlete's performance by providing accurate time data for analysis and comparison. See more at

  • You can conduct a wide range of standard tests commonly used in NFL, NBA, or MLS evaluations, such as the 10-20-30-40 yard dash, Y Agility Test, Illinois Agility Test, L Pro Agility Test, 5-10-5 Test, Stop'n'Go Reactive Agility Test, and The 30 - 15 IFT, among many others.

  • Reaction lights, often used in sports training and cognitive development, are a set of programmable, electronic lights that illuminate in a random or predetermined sequence. This training tool helps improve reaction time, agility, and cognitive processing skills by challenging individuals to respond promptly and accurately to visual cues

  • Sportreact covers a wide range of important aspects for athletes. We work on making athletes faster, more agile, and less prone to injuries. Our product helps them stay focused and perform well under pressure. It works on coordination and body control to improve overall performance. It tailors our approach to each athlete's specific sport, and we help them recover faster after workouts. Our pods are designed to make training fun and interactive.

  • Sportreact is suitable for individuals of all ages and across various sports and disciplines. However, it is particularly well-suited for athletes in the sensitive athletic development phase, typically ranging from ages 7 to 17, especially in sports that require enhanced reaction and agility performance.

  • Sportreact provides the ability to analyze your results, compare them with past performances, benchmark against other athletes, and export and share data with coaches, clubs, and schools for informed decision-making. All the data is personalized and securely stored in each athlete's profile.

  • We offer a one-year warranty, allowing for device replacement in case of any issues. Additionally, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee upon purchase. You can see more at

  • You can now pre-order Sportreact Starter Kit and get it delivered starting with January 2024. For more details, please visit To buy the Sportreact system, simply follow the instructions on the product page and proceed to checkout. We utilize Stripe to provide a seamless payment experience, and you can also use Buy Now Pay Later option with Klarna and Affirm. Please use promo code POWERPLATE10 to get a 10% discount.

  • We provide online demos. To sign up for one, please reach out to us here or simply contact us on chat.


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